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So you can spend time behind the camera, NOT in front of a blank page.


Ready to automate your client experience so it's seamless, every time?

Get 5* reviews (almost) every time

Find more referrals in your leads, who already know they want to work with you

Avoid all those annoying client questions, like when will we get our images, or wait, the price is what?

When you put client experience front and center, you:

But giving the white glove experience, every time, is hard. Kids get sick, life gets busy, your calendar gets booked up for 8 weeks’ solid and you have a list of sessions to edit that will surely keep you up until 2am every night this week. 

And that’s when the client experience can slip. 

That wave of great referrals and reviews becomes a slow trickle and you're back on the rollercoaster of trying to find new leads.

Ready to automate your client experience so it's seamless, every time?

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Yes? Then it's time to grab some templates

Each of our templates is created in 12 different voices, because we know that one template can’t sound like all the newborn photographers out there!

If you haven’t identified your newborn photographer brand voice yet, take our quiz.

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Ready to give text message marketing a try? Elevate your client experience in the place clients are most likely to respond - their phone!

Complete SMS

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Even when we do everything right we still occasionally have those sticky situations. This email pack can help you out of all the classic tough spots.

911 Email Emergencies

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From that first response to a new lead, all the way through to asking for a client review. This is every email that you'll need to send, written in your voice.

Complete Email Workflow

email & sms


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One of the hardest parts is figuring out what to wear for a photoshoot. Make this a breeze for your clients with an easy to follow guide.

What to Wear Guide

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Clear and concise instructions help new moms feel prepared. The more prepared they feel the more relaxed they are and the smoother your session!

Newborn Prep Guide

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Ready for more leads and amazing clients knocking on your door? Get the marketing guide that does the local networking for you!

Marketing Guide

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The session is over and now it's time for that 5* review!
This is the questionnaire to send when you want to really know what your clients thought about their experience.

Testimonial Generator

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Baby's on the way! This is the questionnaire to get all the tiny details about the newest family member so you can make the session special.

Home Stretch Newborn Questionnaire

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The questionnaire that gets you all the family details so you can best serve your client. Never forget a dad's name or have to ask for a mailing address again!

New Client Intake Questionnaire

optimize your client experience


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