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We met at a local parents’ group with newborns and toddlers in tow . . .

We bonded over trading childcare while running our businesses in those 2020 times . . .

We’re passionate about helping newborn photographers thrive while spending less time on admin . . . .

How can we help you grow your newborn photography business?

A successful newborn photography business is about more than just the day of the photoshoot

When you sound like you, clients are drawn to your process and personality - not just your images

You can spend more time with family and less in the business and still draw in multi 6-figures

Understanding your brand is key to building a business people connect with and want to share with their friends

We believe . . .

I've known I wanted to be a photographer since my sophomore year in high school thanks to an amazing teacher who changed my entire future.

25 years, an incredible husband and 3 boys later I'm excited to step into that educator role myself, helping creative new moms to capture their babies and fellow photographers build successful businesses. 

Paige McLeod

newborn photographer

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if i could only eat on thing it'd be:

most afternoons you’ll find me

driving my  boys to gymnastics practice

i've been a

newborn photographer for   years

Paige McLeod

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I'm a former attorney and my husband and I are proud Scots! We moved to the US over 14 years ago and now live in Boise, Idaho with our 2 sons.

Gill Hill



bearded dragon


reluctant owner of a 

and have written for

global brands, course creators

i've been a

brand copywriter for   years

Gill Hill

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