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Newborn Photography Guides
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no more blank page and blinking cursor ...

The one that has your clients leaving 5* reviews (because, yes, there’s an email asking for that!) . . .

Recommending you to friends (because they loved not just your images but ALSO how you made them feel . . .

And booking you on repeat when they’re expecting again

The flow

email templates + personalization = happy clients and more cha-ching!

What if you could have a seamless workflow of EVERY guide, email, and SMS you need to send to guarantee the ultimate client experience?

You started your newborn photography business because you love being behind the camera

But you also need to spend time working with your clients . . .
  . . . answering their questions and being clear about what they can expect from you.

And that takes you away from your camera and into your laptop.

But finding time to write all these guides and emails? 

Whew, boy, that takes up more time than editing and newborn photo sessions combined, amIright!?

And while you can jump into Etsy or Creative Market and look for a template - chances are, that Guide was written for a specific newborn photographer - in their voice and style.

Which means it won’t necessarily sound like you when you upload it to your system (and send it to clients).

And the format

That continuity helps your clients know exactly what to expect based on how you work and interact with clients.

Because client experience is about so much more than those images you handover at the end.

Client experience is about a seamless flow from marketing to newborn session to handing over their images.

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meet paige

- that sound like you.

We're flow + format

A newborn photographer + brand voice copywriter who joined forces to create the ultimate client experience packAge of guides and emails

paige mcleod & gillian hill

hey, I'm Paige.

I’ve been a newborn photographer for over 7 years and own Glean + Co Photography Studio in Boise, Idaho. I’m also a newborn photographer educator.

When I was building my newborn photography business, I was always on the lookout for templates and examples of emails I knew I needed in my workflow. 

I knew that setting out the expectations I had for my clients was key, and that automating the emails meant I could skip the late nights and weekends away from the kids and deliver consistent results clients loved (even if life got in the way of my admin time). 

But nothing I downloaded or copied sounded like me and I spent hours on end trying to tweak them to fit …

Paige McLeod - Newborn Photographer

meet gill

Gill Hill - brand voice copywriter

I’m a copywriter of 6 years and not only specialize in brand voice, I’m a co-instructor of arguably the best brand voice course for copywriters .I’m also Paige’s biz bestie, and as soon as she told me her problem with templates, I knew how to fix it.

I pride myself in getting the ‘this sounds just like me’ compliment from clients I create custom emails and websites for. But I know most photographers can’t afford a full workflow of emails created specifically for them.

So Paige and I worked together to identify the key guides and workflow newborn photographers need to wow their clients and get those 5* reviews . . .Written in 12 different styles of voice, so they actually sound like you.

and I'm Gill!

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We worked together to create the perfect workflow of emails a newborn or family photographer needs to prioritize an amazing client experience that has

the reviews

repeat business

and referrals rolling in

written in 12 different styles of voice . . .
so they actually sound like you.

Ready to find your voice???

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Do you think making more money, AND working less
is a myth?

By tapping into your mythical muse - you can access your unique brand voice and personality to make creating your content and marketing so much easier.

Feel the muse at work as you effortlessly attract more clients and deliver an amazing client experience from the first time they find you.

And a streamlined workflow makes navigating your daily tasks so much easier — so you can spend less time on the screen even as you bring in more clients and money.

Tap into your muse – and make creating content easier

If uncovering your muse means no more staring at a blank page – we love that for you!

But if you still need a kickstart, we have a range of guides, questionnaires, and workflows, all written in your mythical muse style.

Once we’ve identified the mythical muse that matches your brand voice, you’ll soon find that creating emails and social media, even talking on a sales call, come more naturally.

Let’s figure out your brand voice - there are 12 to choose from!

Answer a few questions about how you like to communicate with your clients and how you sell, and we’ll take it from there.

"I signed up for text messaging through Skipio in 2023. I was reluctant at first, thinking it wouldn’t look professional and fit my brand.

 But I quickly realized that clients actually responded to me via text! I was able to quickly build a friendly rapport while maintaining professionalism and a consistent workflow.

Text messaging allows me to send out automated campaigns, schedule initial phone calls, appointment reminders and most importantly- BOOK MORE CLIENTS! 

paige's experience with text messaging

More and more newborn photographers are experimenting with adding text messaging to their workflow.

We’re too busy for emails and phone calls - especially if we’re sitting on the sofa feeding a baby all hours of the day and night.

Grabbing client eyeballs where you know they will see them is the best way to turn leads to clients, and bookings into delighted[?]

The goal? To sound like a real person as they text back and forth with you - not a dreaded chatbot.

sell more with sms

If you want to ...

A great client experience starts waaaaay before your newborn photo session. 

From the moment someone finds your Instagram or your website to your discovery calls, emails sending the contract, and the guides that set out what to expect on the day 

 . . . a consistent, clear voice and message will lead your client through the process with ease and delight.

newborn photography workflow

A 5* client experience starts with setting out clear expectations.

When your clients know how you work, what to bring, and what to expect, they can make the most of their newborn session, confident that you’ll handle the rest.

And if you can make your guide look good and sound like you?


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