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Ready to wow new parents in your area? Get our canva guide in your mystical voice. 
  • 21 page Canva template
  • Pre-written email templates to help you connect with local businesses
  • Lead magnet workflow to engage with potential newborn clients
  • Walk through videos on exactly how to set it up


Pregnant in {Your City} Marketing Guide

*choose brand voice here. If you're not sure about your brand voice, take the quiz here.

Ready to wow new parents in your area?

When you first become a parent – a whole new world opens up that you weren’t aware of before – medical specialists, stores, products, even terminology. 

And as a newborn photographer, you can end up part of that confusion . . .

. . . or you can rise above.

This Guide has been designed by a working photographer (who has her own version for her city) and professionally written by a copywriter. 


Give parents-to-be the gift of the best resources in your city

And by taking our quiz, you can identify which of the 12 voices most closely represents your brand - so it sounds like you, too.

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Even when we do everything right we still occasionally have those sticky situations. This email pack can help you out of all the classic tough spots.

911 Email Emergencies

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Ready to give text message marketing a try? Elevate your client experience in the place clients are most likely to respond - their phone!

Complete SMS Workflow


From that first response to a new lead, all the way through to asking for a client review. This is every email that you'll need to send, written in your voice.

Complete Email Workflow

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We created the guide in Canva and when you purchase, we’ll send you a Canva template code to download it into your account (free or paid). You can then edit the words and images to make it your own!

How do I use this guide?

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Yes! We created this specifically in each of the 12 voices - once you know your voice (and take our quiz if you don’t) so chances are the words should match your brand style fairly closely. Obviously, you should tweak the wording to sound more like you where needed. And you’ll have to add your own wording about the different resources specific to your city or area.

Can I use your words?

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No. You will have to do some research about your area and include relevant resources that are specific.

Go through each section and add information about the businesses that you would recommend. Then you can see what is missing and use that as an opportunity to connect with other business owners in your area that might lead to more clients for you!

Is the guide ready to publish?

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Paige has her own version of this for Boise, and so we ask that you don’t purchase it if you live within 50 miles of Boise, Idaho. 

Can I purchase this if I live in Boise, Idaho?

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Sorry, this is a digital product and so we don’t offer a refund. Before you purchase, check you have picked the right voice. Take our quiz again, and if you’re still not sure, get in touch and we’ll help you figure it out!)

Do you offer refunds?

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